Mr. Traficante

Mr. Traficante is someone the Music Industry has never witnessed

Mr. Traficante is The Next Big Thing

Mr.Traficante plays with a wide range of genres, including Hip Hop, R&G, Spanish, and Caribbean songs. Mr.Traficante just loves to experiment and play with the music he likes. Making music is not just a job for him. He pours his whole heart and soul into it and gets you moving on every beat without even realizing it. He has a wide range of favorite artists that include 2Pac, Jay-z, and 50 Cent, just coming out setting records. The common thing among them is the message that anyone can be anything they want to be no matter their circumstances, and that’s a very positive thing for the world to see. Mr.Traficante certainly continued that legacy to embellish the stage of music. 

Traficante’s best performance was “Barcode” in Elizabeth, NJ. This was very special for him as, at first, he had started out working at the club, then became a bartender, hosted events, and eventually made his way to the stage, which always had the biggest names performing there. This was an amazing experience for Mr. Traficante as he performed at such a high-caliber club during a fashion show. His personality is unique and complex. He defines himself as a multi-layered, multi-dimensional real, and genuine person. He has deep love and passion for creating music and never hesitates to take risks to achieve his goals and targets. He never stops learning and creating exceptional music for his listeners and continues to evolve. 

Mr. Traficante

 “From this point on, everything I do is going to be to better myself and my situation. I’m going to put all my energy into the positive instead of continuing to feed the negative.”

Like everyone else, Mr.Traficante has experienced his highs and lows. There were many times when he felt like people didn’t believe in him. Nothing was going right or in favor of him. He was angry, hurt, and depressed by the toxic and poor relationships with family and friends. He was left alone and thought about what else could go wrong, and just then, it got worse, and he started getting into way more trouble, getting arrested, having good friends that passed away, and getting kicked out of his house. Is there any kind of pain that is left behind? No. With all these circumstances, Mr.Traficante struggled for the better, and from this point, his life took a turn, and he got a striking realization. He just encouraged himself with a thought,

Among his songs, the most successful has been “Like A Banka,” which has 100k views on YouTube and more on other platforms. Many people showered their love for the song, which made it a super hit over the internet. The newest song to be released is “Stay Sleeping.” That’s for anyone who feels as though people are sleeping on them and not fully believing in them or appreciating them. It’s aggressive, hard-hitting, and just expresses the fire that’s burning inside.  After this song, many other songs are ready to burn the previous records. Be sure to connect with Mr. Traficante on his social media and









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