Adam Rodway

Adam Rodway: The Award-Winning Rising Artist Loves to Make Music

Adam Rodway is a Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer on the list of stars producing outstanding music and releasing albums full of hell creatives and magnificent songs. That’s totally unforgettable. Adam started writing and recording songs in his teenage and doomed himself to songwriting. At the age of 17, Adam found his love for the guitar when he started playing it to produce his original music. Adam attended Metalworks Institute of sound in Mississauga for a year-long Electronic music production degree. After that, Adam continued writing and producing more songs with other artists.

No doubt music makes the world a beautiful place. Thousands of artists, albums, and songs made millions of fans worldwide. Adam produces music majorly for the targeted audience who loves to listen to rock-centric songs. His every song is full of guitar riffs and drum beats, making his songs more energetic and powerful with some pop melody touch. His genres rely on Pop, Rock, and Alt-Rock genres with soothing and clean vocal productions. Adam loves to produce hip-hop productions due to the inspiration behind his music ideology. 

Adam has many plans for the next week that will shock and amuse his fans. He recently released his debut single titled “Hold Just Anyone” and is now up to release his next single, “Too Late,” in the next few years. “Too Late” is all about addiction, depression, and self-destruction. The link to the song “Hold Just Anyone” can be found here: 

He was also a member of a band ‘DelMar’ and produced a self-written song, “New Orleans,” that closed in on 1M streams on Spotify. Adam has so much in his bucket to produce in the next year to enhance his stardom among his fans.

Adam has been nominated for a Juno award as a writer. He also collaborated with the Canadian band Walk Off The Earth on a children’s album titled “Romeo Eats Vol.1,” which received a nomination.

When asked what he does to produce and engage his audience, Adam replied:

“I spend a lot of time writing and editing songs to ensure that what I want to say comes across to the listener. When it comes to a song, I make sure that I fully feel like I’ve put a part of myself into it before I put it out. It’s important to me that the melodies, production, lyrics, and harmonies are all extremely hooky” 

Music is the power to heal broken hearts and make the listeners feel good all the time. Adam also aims to produce music that could help society in various ways. The mantra for success for Adam is to be happy and fulfilled by his work. He wants a life where he can make a livable wage by writing and producing music.







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