[Trailer] Jaraiyia Alize’ (@JaraiyiaAlize) – “The Godmother”

Jaraiyia Alize’ has fast become a hot topic for all music fans especially R&B and Hip-Hop fans. Today, the Champaign, Illinois native artist will release her second project of the year. It is called ‘The Godmother’ produced by Ryini Beats. Jaraiyia Alize’ has been approaching the R&B and hip-hop limelight for months, and now, it seems, she’s bathing in it. Jaraiyia Alize’ will soon be in … Continue reading [Trailer] Jaraiyia Alize’ (@JaraiyiaAlize) – “The Godmother”

[Article] Boaz BagBag Brings Hope To Where It’s Needed

New York City based Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Boaz BagBag has established another new business. He’s been able to create funding for the business with the help of some investors from Wall Street. So far Boaz has been able to obtain a good amount of start-up funding for his latest business endeavor. Always a smart businessman, Boaz has clearly put together a solidbusiness plan for the … Continue reading [Article] Boaz BagBag Brings Hope To Where It’s Needed

PCMG’s Kris J just released a new single entitled ‘Beast Mode’ @ImKrisJ

PCMG’s Kris J just released a new single entitled ‘Beast Mode’ produced by one of his long time collaborators iThinkWeGotiT. These two have linked on countless occasions to give the Atlanta underground scene some very memorable moments. After a small hiatus the two are back together giving us new tunes we can smoke and ride to. Kris’ Class Of Stoners brand has expanded to California … Continue reading PCMG’s Kris J just released a new single entitled ‘Beast Mode’ @ImKrisJ


[MUSIC VIDEO] Mr.Reaper – “Thru The Dark” | @Reapthajackal

East Coast Lyricist Mr.Reaper delivers the visual to his latest single “Thru The Dark” Fusing raw, brutally honest lyricism to hard-hitting rap rhythms, Mr.Reaper is an emerging hip-hop artist currently making his mark on the global music scene. His style is very lyrical, blending emotionally wordy bars to infectious beats. The rapper’s lyrical ability is truly incredible and paints the authentic uncut picture of life … Continue reading [MUSIC VIDEO] Mr.Reaper – “Thru The Dark” | @Reapthajackal


[NEW MUSIC] Now Born – “Valedictorian – The Mixtape” | @WLPublishing

Now Born releases his latest 45 song project “Valedictorian – The Mixtape” Now Born is not your typical rapper. No other rapper has put out a piece of work, recorded, and released while still in prison-like this one. Not only does “Valedictorian- the Mixtape” have 45 songs, but the lyrics are top-tier and the beats are original. “Valedictorian” features dope samples and stellar production from Wild Life … Continue reading [NEW MUSIC] Now Born – “Valedictorian – The Mixtape” | @WLPublishing

Virginia Representers, Jenks & Childz have teamed up for their new EP dubbed “From The Fifth With Love”

Virginia Representers, Jenks & Childz have teamed up for their new EP dubbed “From The Fifth With Love” The four track EP is led by “Dark Zero 30″ a sonically Dark East Coast track that carries a mellow vibe with a twist of mischievousness as the duo effortlessly flows over this track. The duo also released a visual for Zero Dark 30 shot by @mconk … Continue reading Virginia Representers, Jenks & Childz have teamed up for their new EP dubbed “From The Fifth With Love”

[Album] Oakland Spoilers – “Oakland Spoilers Volume 3: Paradise” | @CarbyneOriginal

“Representing The Bay Area, a region known for its unique style, culture, & music, Oakland Spoilers, a small label founded in the heart of the west-coast wrap up their summer flexing an all-new roster on “Oakland Spoilers Volume 3: Paradise”. “Showcasing the west coast’s trademark swagger, warm swing, and rhythmic guitar, this camp returns to remind us why they’re leading the new wave of talent … Continue reading [Album] Oakland Spoilers – “Oakland Spoilers Volume 3: Paradise” | @CarbyneOriginal

[Album] Kw.Y.IT (@imkw_y_it) – “SowLo”

Winston-Salem, North Carolina artist Kw.Y.IT drops off his new album entitled “SowLo”. “SowLo” is a seven track album led by the records entitled “Ciñenmen”, “LiefNeverLastEnd” and “EnTRO”. The album is about life’s journey and how it processes all aspects from manhood, desire, relationships, faith and growing up. “The point is that I’ve learned about love being the true source of power and wealth. I hope … Continue reading [Album] Kw.Y.IT (@imkw_y_it) – “SowLo”


[MUSIC] J.MAURICE – ” FACETIME”| @therealjmaurice

J. Maurice releases his latest banger “Facetime” on all Music Platforms J. Maurice is a fast-rising Hip-Hop and Rap artist representing the beautiful city of Dallas, TX. His success story can be credited to his fueled energy and passion for music and he’s on a lifelong mission to become the greatest entertainer and inspiration of all time. J. Maurice’s latest release ‘Facetime’ is a fiery … Continue reading [MUSIC] J.MAURICE – ” FACETIME”| @therealjmaurice

Nashville artist Itz Jaleel releases his latest single ‘Don’t Play Me’

Itz Jaleel – Don’t Play Me https://open.spotify.com/track/0K4YtEFXyCNzwOwjZFwyhJ?si=004ac267978e4e59 My name is Itz Jaleel and I’m from Nashville, TN. I started rapping around middle school then I released my first track on soundcloud Junior year in high school. After high school, I started college at Tennessee State University. After a loss of an important family member I turned to music to cope and I just kept writing … Continue reading Nashville artist Itz Jaleel releases his latest single ‘Don’t Play Me’

[Album] Trendsetta (@DRtheSETTA) – “Hit After Hit”

Las Vegas artist and Taste-maker release’s highly anticipated album “Hit After Hit” after almost waiting a full year to drop. Trendsetta gives us another masterpiece project for us with features from R&B phenom TeeFLii, Ky3, Bay Area’s finest Show Banga and more. After recently dropping “Real One” and “Westcoast Party” lately with a mixture of R&B and Hip-Hop hits the taste-masker “Trendsetta” has been heating … Continue reading [Album] Trendsetta (@DRtheSETTA) – “Hit After Hit”

[VIdeo] KJ-Wita-AK (@KjWitaAk1) – “Get It, Grab It”

Upcoming Minneapolis recording artist KJ-WITA-AK premieres his visual “Get It, Grab it.” The audio was recorded in his basement in his in-home studio during the George Floyd kaos and riots in his hometown Minnesota. The record was a freestyle he did with Pro Nyne Tre who he shouts out to even after their fallout over an earlier recording. The music video was shot in the … Continue reading [VIdeo] KJ-Wita-AK (@KjWitaAk1) – “Get It, Grab It”

Trendsetta (@DRtheSETTA) & Ky3 (@Ky3flame) – “Real One”

Want more new music? We’ve got you covered. Las Vegas artist “Trendsetta” has recently been heating up lately dropping some huge records with a few independent west-coast artist, Rumored he has a new project set to release next month the rising independent artist recently leaked a new single “Real One” with Los Angeles based artist KY3 off his upcoming new album, this song is absolutely … Continue reading Trendsetta (@DRtheSETTA) & Ky3 (@Ky3flame) – “Real One”

Thurgo Kush (@thurgohmmg) – “Thurgo” EP

Thurgo transitions into a new chapter with self-titled EP, “Thurgo”. Thurgo is ready to step into the next phase of leveling up and he makes it known with the release of his new EP, “Thurgo.” Born and raised in the city of Detroit, Thurgood McCants has always looked up to his father, Grover McCants. Being a respected actor and media mogul, Thurgood had a good … Continue reading Thurgo Kush (@thurgohmmg) – “Thurgo” EP