From the Depths of the Abyss to the Light of Success, Mr. Traficante Has Got It All

Mr. Traficante‘s passion and love for music made an underdog a rising star and inspiration for many others to pursue their dreams 

Mr. Traficante is a rapper and a songwriter who started by changing the lyrics of other songs and making his own remix. Later, freestyled any chance he got, doing shows, and battle raps. He is a pure mixture of what he listens to and expresses himself through his music. Mr. Traficante has a very distinct personality. He is tall, muscular, and a good-looking guy having a sense of humor and simultaneously exhibits aggressive energy. Yet, he is very friendly, inviting, and charming.

Mr. Traficante’s first-ever performance was at Webster Hall in New York City, where he felt a jolt of excitement and, since then, was unstoppable. His favorite performance, which gave him a surreal feeling, was performing at Barcode in Elizabeth, NJ. They always had the most prominent names performing there, and he got to perform during a fashion show.

Mr. Traficante

Experiencing his fair share of struggles, be it poor and toxic relationships with friends and family, being kicked out of the house, or getting arrested. He has invested in himself, worked on his overall progression, and improved his mental health. Mr. Traficante also created and ran successful businesses, along with investing in properties and stocks.

Mr. Traficante is soon releasing his new songs lining up one after another. For the previous music, he accumulated a couple hundred thousand views across all platforms. Also, getting it played on Hot 97 was a great achievement. He has signed multiple record deals with different tracks and performed in a few high-caliber venues. Mr. Traficante’s future goal is to see his face on billboards, and plaques, and to witness a sold-out arena. Be sure to connect with Mr.Trafficante on his social media and digital music platforms. Additionally, For more information on Mr. Traficante and his work, please contact him through email at


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