The-O – “Walking”

The-O’s delivers the visual to the latest single “Walking”

The-O aka William Rucker born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, has relentlessly pursued his passion for music, leading him to discover his purpose; to inspire, uplift, and evoke emotion through sound. Taking influence from diverse genres such as Hip-Hop, Rap, and Rock, The-O’s passion was first sparked by listening to Jay-Z, old school Kanye West, Nas, Mos Def, The RZA, and David Bowie, to name a few. Since then, through a combination of grit, determination, and raw talent, The-O has been rapping for the past 20 years.


Throughout his early career, The-O noticed that high producer fees weren’t fully allowing him the flexibility to create as often as he’d like. So, he took the initiative to produce his own beats and has been doing so for the past 15 years. Traveling from the US to Paris to London, he fuses his worldly experiences into punchy rap messages laid over unique and sometimes trippy Hip-hop beats. The-O was formerly a part of the hip-hop group ODM but later decided to pursue a solo career. The-O presents two albums, ‘Just Another Way Out’ and ‘Indomitable,’ and looks forward to creating more solos. When not blending sound or crafting bars, William is a proud father. The-O’s latest single “Walking” is from the Certified Gold album, “Indomitable.” The single was produced by The-O, Quai, and Poeticjustis. The video was shot in Nashville, Tennessee, and Germany. To hear more from The-O connect on his digital music streaming and social media platforms.





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