Joe Black (@THEREALJOEBLACK) – “Maniac”

Joe Black releases the visual to his new single “Maniac” from the album “La Cocina 2”

Joe Black is an artist that makes superhits and has won millions of hearts. The Hip-Hop pioneer Joe Black continues to set the bar high. Rapper icons like Eminem and Jay-Z certainly come to mind if you are familiar with the genre. Even so, there are still up-and-coming artists in the music business, like Joe Black, whose powerful beats captured thousands of listeners’ attention right away. A diverse musician from Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, known for creating music of several genres under one identity, is on the verge of creating something that might improve his reputation as a rapper and calm the ears of all rap listeners.

joe black

After a few smash hits, Joe Black will release new compositions with passionate lyrics and tones. In the following year, 2023, he plans to release his brand-new single “Maniac” off his recent release “La Cocina 2.” To further your knowledge, La Cocina 1 has already been created and published to the public and exploded the music scene with his wild and groovy compositions reflecting his personal Hell’s Kitchen lifestyle.

Joe Black’s previous Spanish album, “La Cocina,” which also featured English songs, is followed up with “La Cocina 2.” Additionally, Joe Black is preparing to sign more New York City-based rappers to his new rap label and management business, Hell’s Kitchen Entertainment. In order to advance their fandom and support their favorite musician, the fans eagerly anticipate the release of Joe Black’s new album.

The press announced that Joe Black got his first Billboard Plaque Award in 2021, highlighting his most recent accomplishments. Joe Black’s personality and heartfelt musical taste helped him reach his Billboard top position of #7.

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