David Weston

[New Music] David Weston (@wanderandfeel) – “Let Up”

Canada’s David Weston releases the deep record titled “Let Up”. The new release from Weston finds the artist contemplating what is going on within his life from sun up to sun down. At times it is hard to find the meaning behind lyrics now a days, but that isn’t the case with “Let Up”. The Montreal native set’s the record straight with his feelings from the start of the track to the end, as you get a sense that he knows this isn’t the best way to go about life yet he accepts himself for who he currently is. I say currently because nothing lasts forever and music is an easy way for any creative to let their feelings out into the world and off their chest. The artist couldn’t have picked a better beat for the single either, as the guitar and melody fit the direction of the track perfectly.

“I’m just trying to make music I love and connect with people through it. I’m seeing how far I can go. I am actually feeling shitty and depressed as I write this, but what the heck, it all passes” says David Weston when discussing “Let Up”. Hit play on the record below and don’t forget to show some love to the artist as well.

ig/twitter: @ wanderandfeel

Be yourself, enjoy the record and Be Known.


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