Mr Micah King Host OF Talking Dirty After Dark Podcast

Actor, Model, Broadcaster, Mr. Micah King from the Real Family Talk radio show now brings us the provocative Talking  Dirty  After  Dark  Podcast, Conversations shunned by society.

Mr Micah King aka #Kimmn nr6ngMicahKing is providing a fearless yet sultry home for taboo discussions about topics on everyone’s mind like, What Single And Couples Want In The Bedroom, The BDSM Community, What Males Can Do For Good Erection Health and much more.

Critics have said “….what he is doing is making it fun for anyone to talk about sex, which is a really important topic for everyone’s health.”

Mr. Micah King says “Everyone has a story that should be told. From the sex workers to the strippers to the shy girl next-door all have a story. I just have the ability to make it interesting and entertaining to listen to.”

Talking Dirty After Dark Podcast can be heard on Spotify, Apple podcast and wherever you get your podcast. Talking Dirty After Dark Podcast also can be viewed on YouTube, Instagram, & OnlyFans for the “full experience”.


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