[NEW EP] SupremeMasterJay – “MOON’S MAGENTA”| @SupremeMasterJay1

SupremeMasterJay brings the perfect frequency with his Moon’s Magenta EP

SupremeMasterJay’s latest project “Moon’s Magenta” will give you huge Kanye vibes! From the moment that you turn it on, you will not turn it off. His new EP hits your energy receptors with track after track of amazing out-of-this-world beats, a ghostly melodic tone, and deeply emotional, yet simple lyrics that do in 30 seconds – what most songs- can’t do in 3 minutes, MAKE YOU FEEL! From the haunting vocals and sad chords of “Need To Bleed (Intro)”, to the uneasy and energetic vibes of “Better Be Wary,” or the experimental sounds of “Love Yourself.”

SMJ has something for everyone if you’re a fan of nu-wave rap. If you haven’t given yourself the pleasure of checking out SupremeMasterJay and his “Moon’s Magenta” compilation – we implore you to go to your favorite music streaming platform, and check out one of- if not – the hottest indie rap project of the year! Be sure to connect with SupremeMasterJay on social media and digital music platforms.





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