Singer Yona Marie To Release A Feel-Good Single With An Early 2000s R&B Vibe

Yona Marie from the DC area is currently working on an EP that will hit the music world at the end of the year 2021. As a successful session vocalist that has worked on over 200 musical projects with musicians and brands worldwide, this unique singer/songwriter has put in a ton of time into perfecting her craft and is ready to take things to the next level.

“Take Me To The Moon” is the up-and-coming single from this young star. Yona’s character in this playful track considers multiple devious approaches that will increase her net worth at the expense of the well-connected yet unfortunate gentleman she’s attempting to court. Combining familiar 90s and early 2000s R&B vibes with sassy and faced-paced vocals akin to rap flows, this track brings new energy to a beloved era of music that will have listeners ready to add it to their favorite playlists and put it on repeat.

“I’m at a turning point in my career where I’d like to start over from scratch,” Yona told Much Music Magazine in an interview at the end of May. “I recently switched my stage name and started a new journey doing freelance session vocalist work. It’s really given me the push to start a different project for myself and make my mark in the music business.”

Yona’s new EP will focus on different phases and styles that the R&B genre has gone through over the last few decades. It will simultaneously tell an engaging story of a girl trying to make it in the world, losing herself the more she gets closer to the ultimate goal of success that she is after.

“Take Me To The Moon” will be available on all popular streaming outlets on the 21st of June. For more details on the single and album, visit https://yonamariemusic.com/.






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